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A reliable partner who brings consistent quality and value with industrial raw materials

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Industry Focus

Major global supplier for wood
preservation and metal plating

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Industry Focus

Borates for various agricultural
applications supporting feeding
our nations around the world

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Industry Focus

Soda Ash derivatives helping
in powering the future Green Economy

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Industry Focus

Sodium based products
for many pools around the world
keeping us active through recreation

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Industries we Serve

Kobitex Inc. is a global supplier, partnered with companies in a wide range of industries. We are a major chemical supplier to a diverse array of industries and applications.


Products Overview

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Chromium is a chemical element (Cr) and hard metal with a high melting point.


Boron is a hard, fragile, and brittle semi metallic element (B) which has a very high melting point.

Sodium Based

Sodium (Na) is a soft silvery-white element of the highly reactive alkali metal group. Sodium based derivatives Sulfates, sulfites, and persulfates are used in wide variety of applications.


Trusted by Producer Partners and Customers

We only represent the best producers and bring a global support team to serve our customers with a large production, technical, quality and logistics expert team experience. We look forward to continuing to expand our product lines, develop relationship with new customers and serve our customers as a dependable supplier.